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NTC/09655Corrigendum- Extention of due date regarding Tender for Carboard, boots and pvc bags for Magic collection bedsheetWestern Region20-June,201925-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09652Tender for Enquiry No. L-18Burhanpur Tapti Mills,Western Region18-June,201924-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09651Tender for Enquiry No. L-17Burhanpur Tapti Mills,Western Region18-June,201924-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09637Minutes of Pre bid meeting held on 8/06/2019 at Rajnagar Textile mill.Rajnagar Textile Mills,Western Region17-June,201918-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09636CORRIGENDUM (Tender Ref. No. - NTC/09627) - Rectification of Tender document for procurement of various products to NTCHead Office,New Delhi17-June,201925-June,2019   
NTC/09635Corrigendum for Purchase of Hospital white pillow coversSouthern Region17-June,201924-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09634Corrigendum for Conversion of HSY yarn to men's vestSouthern Region17-June,201924-June,2019   
NTC/09633Corrigendum-22New Bhopal Textile Mills,Western Region15-June,201921-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09632Corrigendum-19New Bhopal Textile Mills,Western Region15-June,201921-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09631Inquiry for AMC Service/Fire NOC For Hydrant System with Main Pump & Jockey Pump.Rajnagar Textile Mills,Western Region15-June,201924-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09628Tender for Sale of Usable waste (Modal Yarn) available at CMMCoimbatore Murugan Mills,Southern Region15-June,201925-June,2019   
NTC/09627Tender for procurement of various products to NTC.Head Office,New Delhi15-June,201925-June,2019   
NTC/09626Tender for procurement of Bed Sheet and Pillow Cover to NTC.Head Office,New Delhi15-June,201925-June,2019   
NTC/09625Tender for Sale of Comber noil available at CMMCoimbatore Murugan Mills,Southern Region15-June,201922-June,2019   
NTC/09624Inquiry For Servo Drive Conversion System For LMW Speed Frame LFS 1660VRajnagar Textile Mills,Western Region14-June,201918-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09621Corrigendum - For Supply of PC Dobby Check ShirtingWestern Region13-June,201920-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09620Tender for Procurement of Fabric for Check Shirting to NTCHead Office,New Delhi13-June,201925-June,2019   
NTC/09616Inquiry For Buffer BatteryRajnagar Textile Mills,Western Region13-June,201922-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09615Tender for Scrap saleBurhanpur Tapti Mills,Western Region13-June,201917-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09614Tender for Ducting WorkBurhanpur Tapti Mills,Western Region13-June,201920-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09612TENDER FOR STORE PURCHASE ITEMS ENQNO.21Barshi Textile Mills,Western Region12-June,201921-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09611Tender for Carboard, boots and pvc bags for Magic collection bedsheet retenderWestern Region12-June,201920-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09610Tender copy of with material Job workIndia United Mills No5,Western Region12-June,201918-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09609E-Auction - HMHD BAGS and SHEETSSouthern Region12-June,201925-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09608e-Auction - HDPE Woven Sacks for laminated and UnlaminatedSouthern Region12-June,201925-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09606CORRIGENDUM (Tender Ref No. NTC/09532) - APPOINTMENT OF FIRM OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTSHead Office,New Delhi11-June,201918-June,2019   
NTC/09605Tender for Misc ItemsPodar Mills,Western Region11-June,201917-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09602Tender for Purchase of Flatstrips and chute flatstrips available at SRV Mills, CBESri Rangavilas,Southern Region11-June,201914-June,2019   
NTC/09601Tender for Purchase of comber noil available at SRV Mills, CBESri Rangavilas,Southern Region11-June,201914-June,2019   
NTC/09600Tender for disposal of PC waste at CSWMCannanore Spg & Wvg Mill,Southern Region11-June,201925-June,2019   
NTC/09599Purchase Inquiry of Finlay/Digvijay mills,Mumbai for various textile auxiliary & Monsoon Job work for the month of June,2019Digvijay Textile Mill,Western Region10-June,201924-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09598Inquiry For MESSRajnagar Textile Mills,Western Region10-June,201925-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09597Tender for Printing & Supply of J.Vouchers Medical Forms & Pasting Files to Finance Dep..Western Region10-June,201924-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09596Corrigendum - Shifting of old / Unused records/ scrap laying on ground floor of New hind House to Digvijay Textile Mill.Western Region10-June,201914-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09594Tender for CableRajnagar Textile Mills,Western Region08-June,201917-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09593TENDER FOR REPAIR CHARGESBarshi Textile Mills,Western Region08-June,201921-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09592Corrigendum - OPEN ACCESS POWER PURCHASE THROUGH EXCHANGE FOR RAJNAGAR TEXTILE MILLS, AHMEDABADWestern Region07-June,201920-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09591Tender for Auto Coner SparesPodar Mills,Western Region07-June,201917-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09590Tender for Printing ItemsPodar Mills,Western Region07-June,201917-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09589Tender for Repairing worksPodar Mills,Western Region07-June,201917-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09588Tender for Spg-Spares ItemsPodar Mills,Western Region07-June,201917-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09585Tender for Stores, Spares & Job work.India United Mills No5,Western Region07-June,201925-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09584TENDER FOR STORE PURCHASE ITEM ENQ. NO.19Barshi Textile Mills,Western Region07-June,201921-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09583Tender for Plastic Cooling FanNew Finlay Mills,Western Region 07-June,201922-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09582Corrigendum against Enquiry No.10New Finlay Mills,Western Region 07-June,201915-June,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09581Tender for Servo system oil and grease at Pioneer spinnersPioneer Spinners,Southern Region07-June,201915-June,2019   
NTC/09580Tender for purchase of copper wire in Pioneer spinnersPioneer Spinners,Southern Region07-June,201915-June,2019   
NTC/09579Tender for Tar felt 1.5 mm, 1504 grade for CSW millsCoimbatore Spg&Wvg Mills,Southern Region07-June,201918-June,2019   
NTC/09578Tender for Servo-grease-gem 3 grade grease for CSW millsCoimbatore Spg&Wvg Mills,Southern Region07-June,201917-June,2019   
NTC/09577Tender for Fluff protector for LR G51 Spinning machineCoimbatore Spg&Wvg Mills,Southern Region07-June,201915-June,2019   
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