Chairman and Managing Director Message


Welcome to our new website ….

Since 1968, when we were formed, we have been constantly striving to develop and enrich this channel of communication to ensure it meets your expectations. The creation of NTC’s new website is motivated by this important objective. The website will provide NTC with an effective medium to extend its outreach and disseminate its output. Relaying all constituents’ events, this website will also provide information on our vision, mission,core values,product range,financial performance, markets, retail marketing division, career avenues and management and much more. NTC has come alive ever so vibrantly, realizing its potential of being the torch bearers of textile and tradition. 

NTC is taking a giant leap towards improving its capacity utilization, Economy of Operations, Productivity, Quality, Brand Image,Market Share and Exports. We invite any suggestions for additions that may help us be stronger and better equipped to deliver a range of services to our customers and realizing our mission and vision of being the clothier to the nation. I am sure the viewers will find the website interesting and engrossing. 

Wishing you excellent reading…

Sh. P C Vaish