Question : No. of the units undertaken by NTC till date?
Answer : NTC had 120 mills ( 119 taken over sick mills and 1 new mill being set up on land purchased by NTC in SEZ area in Hassan (Karnataka). After complete asset sales of 30 closed mills under the revival Scheme, transfer of 2 mills to Govt. to Puducherry and surrender of 3 units to Govt. of Maharashtra under IDS, NTC remained with 85 units.
Question : No. of units closed under BIFR scheme?
Answer : 78 units were closed.
Question : No of units to be modernised?
Answer : 24 units have to be modernised by NTC itself.
Question : No of Mill revived through Joint Venture with private players?
Answer : 05 mills have been revived through Joint Venture with private players.
Question : Steps being taken to make the loss making units to profit making?
Answer : Improvement in utilization, improvement in Productivity, production of value added products, improvement of quality, implementation of work load agreements, power purchase agreement, engagement of women workers etc.
Question : Total present Production capacity?
Answer : Spindles- 7.09 lakhs Looms - 386
Question : Production per annum?
Answer : Provisional Production during the year 2012-13 has been as under :-i) Yarn- 350.20 lakhs KG ii) Cloth- 120.25 lakh mtrs.
Question : Sale Value per annum?
Answer : Sale Value during the year 2011-12 is as under :-i) Yarn - Rs.548.41 Crores ii) Cloth Rs. 164.58 Crores iii) Waste Rs. 17.51 Crores Total Rs. 730.50 Crores.
Question : Targeted Turn over 2012-13 ?
Answer : As per MOU signed between NTC and MOT the target Turnover is Rs.750 crores for 2012-13.
Question : Further programme of NTC in the country?
Answer : In the first phase of modernization, NTC has already modernized its 18 units. Setting up 4 green field projects and modernizing another 2 units.
Question : Resources to revive NTC?
Answer : The scheme of revival is self financing and the resources are being generated by sale of assets of closed mills and surplus assets of viable mills.
Question : Amount realized from Sale of surplus assets?
Answer : The Total proceeds from Sale of Assets (Land, Plant & Machinery, Building Structure) has been Rs.6551 crores. The total area of land sold is 1533.09 acres.
Question : Surplus land available for sale?
Answer : The surplus land available for sale is as under :-i) Free-hold land - 641.98 acres ii) Lease-hold land- 593.14 acres Total- 1235.12 acres.
Question : Cost of revival of NTC mills?
Answer : In the first phase of revival, the cost of modernization is Rs.530 crores which has been increased to Rs.1155 crores and approved by BIFR in the second phase. The total cost of revival of the company is Rs.9102 crores, including MVRS, payment of old arrears of statutory dues etc.
Question : Amount spent on Modernisation?
Answer : During the first phase of modernization NTC has spent R s.833.00 crores till date to modernize its 18 mills. The total Project cost for three Green field projects namely Finlay at Achalpur, New Minerva at Hassan and Rajnagar at Ahmedabad are under implementation at a total cost Rs.555.38 crores . Rs. 2.87 crores have been spent on Short Term modernisation of two mills taken out from JV list. Till date an amount of Rs. 1391.24 Crores has been spent on modernization including Green field projects.
Question : Salient features to revive through Joint Venture?
Answer : NTC has revived 05 units through Joint Venture route by forming SPV. In the JVcompany NTC will have 51 percent equity and majority of 5 directors, out of 8 members on the Board . All the investment to revive the unit would be made by strategic partners.
Question : Support from GOI towards wages?
Answer : Against the Govt. support of Rs.385 crores in the year 2001-02, it has come downdrastically to Rs.62.50 crores in the year 2007-08. However, during the year 2008-09 Govt. support towards wages has been Rs.145 crores due to the recessionary trend in textiles and acute power cuts in Tamilnadu and Kerala. During 2010-11, the support has been nil.
Question : What is the total strength of NTC?
Answer : As on 01.12.2012, NTC group has 8266 employees in its units, offices and Corporate Office.
Question : Number of employees gone under MVRS?
Answer : Till date 63057 employees have gone under MVRS and an amount of Rs.2332 Crores has been spent by NTC.
Question : Status of Employees dues?
Answer : Old arrears of PF/ESI dues Rs.188 cores cleared and no dues pending except disputed.
Question : Region-wise no. of Retail Outlets?
Answer : The total no. of Retail outlets are 86 and Region-wise detail is as under :-i) Southern - 33, ii) Western - 08 retail outlets and 09 (Exhibition-cum-Sales Centres), iii) Delhi - 27, iv) Calcutta - 18.
Question : No of Profit making outlets?
Answer : Out of 86 showrooms, 25 showrooms are in profit.
Question : Brands of NTC?
Answer : ENTYCE FINLAYS & RAASA are the popular Brands of NTC.
Question : The exports made during 2008-09 & 2009-10 , 2010-11 & 2011-12?
Answer : Cloth worth Rs.255 lakhs has been exported during the year 2008-09 and Rs. 631 lacs during 2009-10 and export worth Rs.16.98 Crores has been made during 2010-11 and Rs. 50.11 Crores 2011-12.