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NTC/09447Yarn Processing Commitee Rate No. 7-A dt 18.05.2019 Valid till up to 19-05-2019Southern Region18-May,201919-May,2019   
NTC/09444Yarn Processing Commitee Rate No. 7 dt 17.05.2019 Valid till up to 19-04-2019Southern Region17-May,201919-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09424Corrigendum - Tenders box close as on 16.05.2019 at 2.00 PM & Opening same date at 2.30 PMIndia United Mills No5,Western Region14-May,201916-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09420Corrigendum - Extend the due date of Enquiry no-10 to 20.5.19.New Bhopal Textile Mills,Western Region14-May,201920-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09416Yarn Rate fixed in the YPC Meeting No 6-A 13.05.2019 valid upto 14-05-2019 - RegSouthern Region13-May,201914-May,2019   
NTC/09415Tender For General Stores / Stationery ItemsArati Cotton Mills11-May,201918-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09414Enquiry For Welding Work Of Broken Spikes Of Blow Room Beater (M.F.C)Arati Cotton Mills11-May,201918-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09413Inquiry For Electrical ItemRajnagar Textile Mills,Western Region11-May,201915-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09410Tender for repairing work, spg.spare & Misc itemsPodar Mills,Western Region11-May,201915-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09409Compendium for Steam Coal TenderNew Finlay Mills,Western Region 10-May,201916-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09407Inquiry For Can RepairingRajnagar Textile Mills,Western Region10-May,201917-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09406Inquiry For Cotton Bales TransportationRajnagar Textile Mills,Western Region10-May,201917-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09404E-Offers for purchase of Hank Yarn ObligationWestern Region10-May,201916-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09400Inquiry For Hi Drive RepairingRajnagar Textile Mills,Western Region09-May,201917-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09399Inquiry For CVT RepairingRajnagar Textile Mills,Western Region09-May,201918-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09398Corrigendum - extend the due date of Enquiry no-3New Bhopal Textile Mills,Western Region09-May,201915-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09397Sweeping services contractPodar Mills,Western Region09-May,201915-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09396Yarn Rate fixed in the YPC Meeting No 6 08.05.2019 valid upto 12-05-2019 - RegSouthern Region08-May,201912-May,2019   
NTC/09395Enquiry No. L-07, for Job WorksBurhanpur Tapti Mills,Western Region08-May,201918-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09394Inquiry for Various ItemsDigvijay Textile Mill,Western Region08-May,201914-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09393Tender for Purchase of Flatstrips and Chute Flatstrips cotton wasteSri Rangavilas,Southern Region08-May,201913-May,2019   
NTC/09392TENDER FOR PURCHASE OF COMBERNOILS Available at SRVSri Rangavilas,Southern Region08-May,201913-May,2019   
NTC/09391Corrigendum - Due date extention of Job work of manufacture of terry towelsWestern Region07-May,201914-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09389Enquiry of Cleaning TenderTata Mills,Western Region07-May,201915-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09388Store Purchase ItemsTata Mills,Western Region07-May,201915-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09387Corrigendum - extend the due date of Enquiry no-13New Bhopal Textile Mills,Western Region07-May,201913-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09386Corrigendum - extend the due date of Enquiry no-10New Bhopal Textile Mills,Western Region07-May,201913-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09385Corrigendum - Extend the due date of Enquiry no-8New Bhopal Textile Mills,Western Region07-May,201913-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09384Provide labours throughout monsoon season to Mumbai based Five closed mills of NTC WRO for Removing plants, vegetation for the period 01/06/2019 to 30/09/2019.Western Region07-May,201916-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09382Waste tenderRajnagar Textile Mills,Western Region06-May,201914-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09381Corrigendum for Enquiry No. 256 & 3New Finlay Mills,Western Region 06-May,201911-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09380Disposal of Old Used & unserviceable Metal/Sundry scrap itemsTata Mills,Western Region06-May,201920-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09379Tender for Supply of HDPE Tarpaulin at NTC House, Mumbai.Western Region06-May,201913-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09378Tender for Stores, Spares & Job Work.India United Mills No5,Western Region06-May,201916-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09377Yarn Rate fixed in the YPC Meeting No 5-A 06.05.2019 valid upto 07-05-2019 - RegSouthern Region06-May,201907-May,2019   
NTC/09376Water proofing Job Work of Staff Quarter No. 5 at India United Mills No. 2 & 3, Mumbai.Western Region06-May,201913-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09375Repairing Job Work of Staff Quarter No.5 at India Unite Mills No. 2 & 3, Mumbai.Western Region06-May,201913-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09374Wooden / False ceiling work of Staff Quarter No.5 at India Unite Mills No. 2 & 3, Mumbai.Western Region06-May,201913-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09373Job of cleaning of drainage line & chambers and to replace the six drainage chamber’s covers with MS frame of staff quarter at India United Mills No. 2 & 3 Mumbai.Western Region06-May,201913-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09370Inquiry For Retrofit Magnet TrapRajnagar Textile Mills,Western Region04-May,201918-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09369Inquiry For Guide RollRajnagar Textile Mills,Western Region04-May,201918-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09368Inquiry For Mobil Gear OilRajnagar Textile Mills,Western Region04-May,201911-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09367Cotton Transportation Tender.New Bhopal Textile Mills,Western Region04-May,201913-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09366TENDER FOR STORE PURCHASE ITEMS ENQ. NO. 07Barshi Textile Mills,Western Region04-May,201910-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09365Tender For Saleable Cotton Comber Noil Flat Waste and Lickerin Waste for May - 2019Cannanore Spg & Wvg Mill,Southern Region04-May,201913-May,2019   
NTC/09364PIONEER SPINNERS TENDER FOR COMBER NOILS AND COTTON AWES FLAT STRIPSPioneer Spinners,Southern Region04-May,201908-May,2019   
NTC/09363Tender for Rexnord make Cooling FanBurhanpur Tapti Mills,Western Region03-May,201914-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09362Tender for D-Link SwitchNew Finlay Mills,Western Region 03-May,201918-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09361Corrigendum for Enquiry no-4New Bhopal Textile Mills,Western Region03-May,201909-May,2019 01-January,1900 
NTC/09359Yarn Rate fixed in the YPC Meeting No 5 02.05.2019 valid upto 05-05-2019 - RegSouthern Region02-May,201905-May,2019   
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